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Nothing is more freeing than mixing and matching furniture to create the perfect living concept. Whether it’s a study, an office or the living room, the ability to customize, mix and match furniture patterns, colors and types according to your taste provides for virtually limitless options.

However, it’s quite easy to get lost in the mix of all the options, and if you’re looking to impress or please visiting family and guests with your design choices and setup, the right mix of color, patterns, furniture placement and types matter.

Helpful Tips for Mixing and Matching Furniture

Everyone is a designer within, organizing, picking and placing furniture according to their own aesthetics and eclectic flair. While you may be pleased with the teal and orange color scheme of the furniture in your living room, it may be hard on the eyes for family and guests. Consider these useful tips while you’re planning the perfect furniture aesthetic for your living spaces, and you may be able to avoid some of the pitfalls of mixing and matching furniture.

  • Picking The Right Color – Color plays a large part in choosing, mixing and matching furniture, as it has a significant effect on humans at a psychological level. Studies have shown that different colors have different effects on humans, inspiring different emotions and feelings. Red fosters passion and driving-to-action emotions, while blue is a more calming, serene color. Radiant yellows commonly inspire happiness while bountiful shades of green inspire growth and success. Be mindful in picking and pairing the right colors as emotionally conflicting colors can cause unrest in both you and visiting guests.
  • Pair colors commonly seen in nature – Colors found together in nature instinctively complement each other and make for easy, natural pairings when it comes to mixing and matching colors. An opulent green sofa simulating lush forest leaves with a complement of soft, light pink pillows resembling the first pink azaleas of spring can bring the calming colors of nature indoors to create a refreshing, peaceful ambiance.
  • Balance and coordinate furniture weight and accessories – The size and build of furniture matters when it comes to the composition of a room or setting. Pairing furniture of similar build and composition can complete a room. For example, a grand, wooden dining table is paired best with stout, sturdy wooden chairs with perhaps a porcelain vase in the center of the table to add a little contrast to bring everything together.
  • Mixing and matching patterns and accessories – Have you been shopping for furniture and found a couch you liked from one set and a chair you liked from another but discovered they have conflicting patterns? This concept can actually work if you find accessories to complement the pattern of the other set of furniture.3 Find pillows that are the exact or near exact pattern of the chair to put on your couch to create unity between them. This can be done with coffee tables, lamps, and other accessories to close the gap between differences while still maintaining uniqueness among the furniture in a particular living area.

Create the Perfect Mix with Smith Village Home Furnishings

If you’re unsure of how best to mix and match your furniture, Smith Village Home Furnishings can collaborate with you on your concept and bring it to fruition! Smith Village has diverse sets of furniture and accessories in a multitude of colors for you to choose from. Our sales associates all possess an eye for design and are on hand to help you with your particular concept. Contact Smith Village Home Furnishings today so we can bring your concept to life with pops of color and crowd-pleasing furniture pieces and accessories!

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