Perfect Home Office

A Perfectly Productive Home Office Space

Working from home has its benefits: you can do your job in your underwear and your boss lets you take as long a lunch break as you’d like. Sure, the perks are great, but they can come with some significant disadvantages.

Home offices are filled with or adjacent to the many distractions of home, and aren’t always the most spacious, convenient or conducive to work, which can actually hurt your productivity. For a small business owner or dedicated employee, having the right space and furniture are crucial.

The Space

The first step in creating the best home office is to find the proper place to put it. Choose a room inside or outside your house that can fit everything you might need to effectively run your business, whether that be furniture, supplies or technology.

Your office space should also be as separate from your daily life as possible. It’ll be much harder to work in your bedroom or kitchen, which you already associate with things such as sleeping or eating. Increase productivity by minimizing any distractions you can from the get-go.

The Furniture

Even more important than the space, is what you fill it with. If you intend to sit at a computer, you’ll need a desk and chair that work just as hard as you do.

Luckily, most home office desk chairs are designed to be ergonomic. Your back and legs should be comfortably supported. Always try to work in the optimal seating position: back straight, feet flat on the floor and elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. This will help you avoid injury and discomfort.

Similarly, a sturdy desk will support you and all of your supplies throughout the work-week. Poor working conditions can contribute to poor health, not to mention an uncomfortable work day.

The Theme

While not as important as some other factors, the overall cohesion of your home office space can help prevent distraction and put you in the working mood. It might help to design your office around your business; a design company might require a modern space while a startup law firm would benefit from a more classic, rustic look.

Color plays an important part in designing any space and affects your work more than you would expect. Blue and green tones have been found to positively impact productivity and energy levels. Orange and red are passionate colors, lighting a fire and pushing you to work harder. Yellow is said to stimulate creativity but can also cause eye strain. Consider what will fit best for your home office and the kind of work you intend to get done.

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