How To Choose A Mattress Based On Your Sleeping Style

Many people put off buying a new mattress because they know it can be an exhausting shopping experience, and they realize they will have to live with their decision for a while. With so many mattress brands, models, sizes, prices and features available, how are you supposed to know exactly what you want or need? The truth is that what works for one person may not be the best option for someone else. Read on for some helpful hints. Continue reading How To Choose A Mattress Based On Your Sleeping Style

Finding Your Perfect Sofa

Most Americans spend a good portion of their free time relaxing on their sofa, whether they are talking with family and friends, watching television, playing video games or reading.

Finding just the right sofa for your living space is very important, and there are many factors that should be taken into account during this process. Just because a couch looks nice in a store does not necessarily mean it will look as good in your living room. Continue reading Finding Your Perfect Sofa

In-Home Room Planning Service

Smith Village Furnishings Expands Their In-Home Room Planning Service

Jacobus, PA / December 8, 2015 / PR Newswire
Smith Village Home
Furnishings (SMITH VILLAGE) a family run, award-winning furniture retailer, announced plans to increase their In-Home Room Planning Service. The complimentary In-Home Design Consultation & Room-Planning service helps customers with furniture (brand, placement, and size), as well as how to blend colors and patterns in their own home or at the store. They help create a stylish, comfortable room, and their advice is an integral part of the shopping experience at Smith Village.

As a family-run business that’s been a part of the community since 1932, we have always tried to provide exceptional service and a unique buying experience that the big-box retailers simply can’t replicate,” states Colleen Schaffner, Director of Marketing at Smith Village Home Furnishings. She continues: “We carry many of the name brands found in larger chain stores and even offer free financing to help our clients, but we also offer a 5% cash discount on purchases over $600.00, even on sale items, when paid in full at time of purchase. And to ensure we maintain our 99% customer satisfaction rate, we offer a 5-day/no hassle return policy.”

Smith Village showcases furniture for the Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Home Office, and Serta Mattresses. As part of the Furniture First buying group, Smith Village is able to offer competitive pricing and has been awarded ‘Retailer of the Year.’ More recently, they were voted the #1 Furniture and #1 Mattress store in York County by York Sunday News reader ballot. These awards further validate the extra time dedicated to their clients, the variety of name brands and the fair prices offered by Smith Village Home Furnishings.

About Smith Village Home Furnishings:
Founded in 1932 in Jacobus, PA, originally as a gas station and general store, the family run businesses has prospered and grown over the years. As the Internet has evolved they’ve stayed at the forefront, providing their customers with an easy to use website where they can view furniture and manipulate an interactive Room Planner that helps users create accurate room layouts quickly and easily including doors, windows, and other structural elements, all in the comfort of their own home. Visit for more information.

Contact for Smith Village Home Furnishings:
Colleen Schaffner, Director of Marketing at (717) 428-1921

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Ordering Furniture for Your Living Room



You don’t want to spend your money on a beautiful new living room group, only to find when it’s delivered that it doesn’t work in your room! At Smith Village, all of our furniture consultants are trained to help you achieve the best floorplan and the best upholstery fabrics for your space. You can help by bringing along any paint colors, flooring swatches, and a quick sketch of your room with doorways, windows and measurements marked. Our sales consultants can eliminate the fear of choosing the wrong size, color or style, and can then direct you to the best choices to meet your needs and your space.They are also familiar with the best fabrics for your situation if you have pets or children. Or a husband. 😉

This is how it usually works. A sales associate will greet you upon your arrival, and depending on your preferences will either allow you to browse, or assist you in your search. If you have questions, your salesperson will be available to answer them. As your search narrows down, our associate will gather pertinent info from you, such as size of the room, what activities your family enjoys – or would like to enjoy – in the room, how much seating you need, and your design preferences.


Once you have narrowed down your selection, it’s time to start looking at fabrics. Generally, the cover you see on the piece on the floor is the way we stock it in our warehouse. These are usually your least expensive option. Sometimes there will be a select group of covers available to you at a small price increase. These are covers that the manufacturer keeps in stock, so ship time is often shorter than that of a fully custom piece. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this group of fabrics, you enter the realm of a fully custom piece. Your consultant can guide you to what fabrics can be used on what piece; certain fabrics such as stripes, plaids or napped fabrics can only be used on certain frames. Each manufacturer has their own guidelines regarding this – your salesperson will be able to advise you.

england fabrics 006


Some fabrics are more costly than others, and this cost is not necessarily an indication of their durability or suitability for the furniture you are looking at.  A very inexpensive microfiber might wear extremely well, while a lighter weight fabric that doesn’t hold up as well could be very expensive. Your salesperson can help you keep your choice within a price range that is comfortable for you.  They will also be able to help you pull coordinating fabric for pillows or accent pieces.

Probably the hardest part of custom ordering is waiting for your new pieces to arrive. Your consultant will give you an approximation of how long it will take to manufacture your items. Our customer care department will call you and schedule your delivery date when your order actually arrives in our warehouse. Different manufacturers require different lead times – some ship as quickly as 3 weeks, others can take longer. Keep this in mind if you’re ordering furniture that you will need for a special event, so you can be sure it will arrive in time for your plans.

big england factory

Does it seem like a lot of work? It does take some time when you have so many decisions to make, but our furniture consultants know their way around a sofa, so to speak, and they can eliminate a lot of your doubts and fears about custom ordering new upholstery. And in the end, your beautiful new room will make you forget any of the doubts you might have had.


So come on in and give us a try… All you have to lose is your old drab room!

To match or not to match.

It’s been a standard in the furniture industry for many years to create a suite of pieces with matching styling, finish and hardware. It reduced the stress of the consumer who could be sure that their room, once done, would all “go” together. But the old ways are being challenged. Gaining steadily greater momentum in the interior design world is that of mixing a variety of styles and finishes of home decor within a single room. As in so many other areas, the internet changed the public’s attitude toward the boxed set look. All the interest in going green made re-used, recycled and one-of-a-kind pieces the new norm. Social media sites like Pinterest and Polyvore spread the look as users assembled their own collections of pieces and assimilated the looks pinned by others. People looking to freshen up their homes post recession – without breaking their budgets – saw the utility of occasional pieces that could be used in different ways throughout the house.

The furniture industry is notoriously slow to accept change, and the matched set has been its bread and butter for many years, but now manufacturers are beginning to embrace the change, and the accent piece business is booming.  The industry is also incorporating this change by  including different finishes and styles within one collection. This makes it easier for the timid customer to get an eclectic look with the assurance that the varied styles will all work together.

liber br_001
Liberty bedroom group offering pieces in 3 different finishes and styles.

If  you are ready to take the plunge into mix and match, the bedroom is perhaps the easiest place to start.  Headboards and footboards are increasingly luxurious and ornate, and they are more and more upstaging the case pieces in a room.

uph beds_001
Make a statement with a unique headboard.

Let an occasional piece stand in for the bedside table, use a decorative mirror instead of one that matches the dresser and POOF! You’ve got a much more collected and personal  look,  rather than something that looks like it all came out of one big box.

Try using something like this rather than a matching night stand in your bedroom.
Try using something like this rather than a matching night stand in your bedroom.

The same approach can be used in a living area. Instead of two matching lamps on two matching end tables, try mixing it up.  A good way to maintain scale when using mismatched pieces is to use a taller end table with a shorter lamp on one side of your sofa, and the reverse on the other.

diff lamps

Example of using unmatched lamps and tables in a living room
Examples of using unmatched lamps and tables in a living room. (Pinterest)

And by all means use a chair in a coordinating fabric  rather than the one that comes with the sofa group!

This chair complements the sofa style and fabric while still looking fresher than the matching piece to the sofa.
This chair complements the sofa style and fabric while creating a more up to date look.

If you’re unsure about creating a cohesive look with individual pieces, ask your furniture salesperson to assist you. They are trained to help you put together a look that works visually, while at the same time expressing your unique personality.

The best part of this eclectic decorating approach is that your home becomes a mirror of your personality, a place that feels like an extension of yourself. And you’ll never have to worry about visitors walking in your front door and saying “My sister’s living room looks just like this!”