Liven Up Your Home with Some Splashes of Color

Nothing brings an interior space together better than a color scheme that makes a statement. However, selecting a color scheme isn’t always easy, and pairing gaudy, showy colors can throw your color scheme into chaos rather than unify a room.

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Interior Spaces

The most important thing to remember when choosing a color scheme for a room or furniture grouping is that it reflect your personal style. All color choices are subjective and when it comes to decorating a space, remember that you’re going to use the space more than anyone else, so you need to do what feels right to you.

Before you start planning a color scheme, consider your furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and flooring. Any new elements or colors must be incorporated into the framework of these existing elements.

The next step is to start examining color concepts such as value, texture and pattern. Balance values by creating a color scheme that incorporates a dark color, a light color and a bright color to add some liveliness. Weigh the intensity of color hues and the effect they have on you as you look at them.

Your natural intuition regarding colors won’t lead you astray. Trust your natural instincts to help you compose a unified color scheme that isn’t garish or harsh on the eyes. Following the latest fad may seem fun, but it can quickly become tiresome. Colors that are special to you will always be in style.

Choosing Color Schemes for Open Floor Plans

Picking a color scheme for an open floor plan can be tricky, as unifying color within a space that has several different functions can be difficult. Unite the overall space with one color for the walls, and a complementary shade for the trim. Colorful but harmonious accessories, such as rugs, painted occasional pieces and plants can then be used to differentiate areas that serve different functions, such as TV viewing, dining, and perhaps a nook for reading or using a tablet. Use one accent color in small doses in each of these areas to maintain the overall cohesiveness; for example, blue pillows in the TV area, a blue lamp in the reading space, and a blue arrangement on the dining table.

Select the Perfect Color Scheme with Smith Village

We make it easy to create the perfect color scheme at Smith Village. Visit, where you can apply a wide selection of available fabrics and colors to upholstery frames from England, Klaussner, and Best Home Furnishings. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our sales consultants can help you pull together a color scheme using fabric samples in our store. Many of our brands have customizable cover options for you to choose from

Contact Smith Village today and one of our sales associates will help you select a color scheme that is beautifully pulled together, and uniquely you.

A Perfectly Productive Home Office Space

Working from home has its benefits: you can do your job in your underwear and your boss lets you take as long a lunch break as you’d like. Sure, the perks are great, but they can come with some significant disadvantages.

Home offices are filled with or adjacent to the many distractions of home, and aren’t always the most spacious, convenient or conducive to work, which can actually hurt your productivity. For a small business owner or dedicated employee, having the right space and furniture are crucial.

The Space

The first step in creating the best home office is to find the proper place to put it. Choose a room inside or outside your house that can fit everything you might need to effectively run your business, whether that be furniture, supplies or technology.

Your office space should also be as separate from your daily life as possible. It’ll be much harder to work in your bedroom or kitchen, which you already associate with things such as sleeping or eating. Increase productivity by minimizing any distractions you can from the get-go.

The Furniture

Even more important than the space is what you fill it with. If you intend to sit at a computer, you’ll need a desk and chair that work just as hard as you do.

Luckily, most home office desk chairs are designed to be ergonomic. Your back and legs should be comfortably supported. Always try to work in the optimal seating position: back straight, feet flat on the floor and elbows bent at a 90 degree angle. This will help you avoid injury and discomfort.

Similarly, a sturdy desk will support you and all of your supplies throughout the work-week. Poor working conditions can contribute to poor health, not to mention an uncomfortable work day.

The Theme

While not as important as some other factors, the overall cohesion of your home office space can help prevent distraction and put you in the working mood. It might help to design your office around your business; a design company might require a modern space while a startup law firm would benefit from a more classic, rustic look.

Color plays an important part in designing any space and affects your work more than you would expect. Blue and green tones have been found to positively impact productivity and energy levels. Orange and red are passionate colors, lighting a fire and pushing you to work harder. Yellow is said to stimulate creativity but can also cause eye strain. Consider what will fit best for your home office and the kind of work you intend to get done.

Smith Village Home Furnishings has been providing quality office, living room, bedroom and dining room furniture since 1932. Contact us so we can help provide the perfect pieces to suit your

Furnishing Your Aesthetic

Nothing is more freeing than mixing and matching furniture to create the perfect living concept. Whether it’s for a study, an office or the living room, the ability to customize, mix and match furniture patterns, colors and types according to your taste provides for virtually limitless options.

However, it’s quite easy to get lost in the mix of all the options, and if you’re looking to impress or please visiting family and guests with your design choices and setup, the right mix of color, patterns, furniture placement and types matter.

Helpful Tips for Mixing and Matching Furniture

Everyone is a designer within, organizing, picking and placing furniture according to their own aesthetics and eclectic flair. While you may be pleased with the teal and orange color scheme of the furniture in your living room, it may be hard on the eyes for family and guests. Consider these useful tips while you’re planning the perfect furniture aesthetic for your living spaces, and you may be able to avoid some of the pitfalls of mixing and matching furniture.

  • Picking The Right Color – Color plays a large part in choosing, mixing and matching furniture, as it has a significant effect on humans at a psychological level. Studies have shown that different colors have different effects on humans, inspiring different emotions and feelings. Red fosters passion and driving-to-action emotions, while blue is a more calming, serene color. Radiant yellows commonly inspire happiness while bountiful shades of green inspire growth and success. Be mindful in picking and pairing the right colors as emotionally conflicting colors can cause unrest in both you and visiting guests.
  • Pair colors commonly seen in nature – Colors found together in nature instinctively complement each other and make for easy, natural pairings when it comes to mixing and matching colors. An opulent green sofa simulating lush forest leaves with a complement of soft, light pink pillows resembling the first pink azaleas of spring can bring the calming colors of nature indoors to create a refreshing, peaceful ambiance.
  • Balance and coordinate furniture weight and accessories – The size and build of furniture matters when it comes to the composition of a room or setting. Pairing furniture of similar build and composition can complete a room. For example a grand, wooden dining table is paired best with stout, sturdy wooden chairs with perhaps a porcelain vase in the center of the table to add a little contrast to bring everything together.
  • Mixing and matching patterns and accessories – Have you been shopping for furniture and found a couch you liked from one set and a chair you liked from another, but discovered they have conflicting patterns? This concept can actually work if you find accessories to complement the pattern of the other set of furniture.3 Find pillows that are the exact or near exact pattern of the chair to put on your couch to create unity between them. This can be done with coffee tables, lamps and other accessories to close the gap between differences while still maintaining uniqueness among the furniture in a particular living area.

Create the Perfect Mix with Smith Village Home Furnishings

If you’re unsure of how best to mix and match your furniture, Smith Village Home Furnishings can collaborate with you on your concept and bring it to fruition! Smith Village has diverse sets of furniture and accessories in a multitude of colors for you to choose from. Our sales associates all possess an eye for design and are on hand to help you with your particular concept. Contact Smith Village Home Furnishings today so we can bring your concept to life with pops of color and crowd-pleasing furniture pieces and accessories!

In-Home Room Planning Service

Smith Village Furnishings Expands Their In-Home Room Planning Service

Jacobus, PA / December 8, 2015 / PR Newswire
Smith Village Home
Furnishings (SMITH VILLAGE) a family run, award-winning furniture retailer, announced plans to increase their In-Home Room Planning Service. The complimentary In-Home Design Consultation & Room-Planning service helps customers with furniture (brand, placement, and size), as well as how to blend colors and patterns in their own home or at the store. They help create a stylish, comfortable room, and their advice is an integral part of the shopping experience at Smith Village.

As a family-run business that’s been a part of the community since 1932, we have always tried to provide exceptional service and a unique buying experience that the big-box retailers simply can’t replicate,” states Colleen Schaffner, Director of Marketing at Smith Village Home Furnishings. She continues: “We carry many of the name brands found in larger chain stores and even offer free financing to help our clients, but we also offer a 5% cash discount on purchases over $600.00, even on sale items, when paid in full at time of purchase. And to ensure we maintain our 99% customer satisfaction rate, we offer a 5-day/no hassle return policy.”

Smith Village showcases furniture for the Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Home Office, and Serta Mattresses. As part of the Furniture First buying group, Smith Village is able to offer competitive pricing and has been awarded ‘Retailer of the Year.’ More recently, they were voted the #1 Furniture and #1 Mattress store in York County by York Sunday News reader ballot. These awards further validate the extra time dedicated to their clients, the variety of name brands and the fair prices offered by Smith Village Home Furnishings.

About Smith Village Home Furnishings:
Founded in 1932 in Jacobus, PA, originally as a gas station and general store, the family run businesses has prospered and grown over the years. As the Internet has evolved they’ve stayed at the forefront, providing their customers with an easy to use website where they can view furniture and manipulate an interactive Room Planner that helps users create accurate room layouts quickly and easily including doors, windows, and other structural elements, all in the comfort of their own home. Visit for more information.

Contact for Smith Village Home Furnishings:
Colleen Schaffner, Director of Marketing at (717) 428-1921

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Ordering Furniture for Your Living Room



You don’t want to spend your money on a beautiful new living room group, only to find when it’s delivered that it doesn’t work in your room! At Smith Village, all of our furniture consultants are trained to help you achieve the best floorplan and the best upholstery fabrics for your space. You can help by bringing along any paint colors, flooring swatches, and a quick sketch of your room with doorways, windows and measurements marked. Our sales consultants can eliminate the fear of choosing the wrong size, color or style, and can then direct you to the best choices to meet your needs and your space.They are also familiar with the best fabrics for your situation if you have pets or children. Or a husband. 😉

This is how it usually works. A sales associate will greet you upon your arrival, and depending on your preferences will either allow you to browse, or assist you in your search. If you have questions, your salesperson will be available to answer them. As your search narrows down, our associate will gather pertinent info from you, such as size of the room, what activities your family enjoys – or would like to enjoy – in the room, how much seating you need, and your design preferences.


Once you have narrowed down your selection, it’s time to start looking at fabrics. Generally, the cover you see on the piece on the floor is the way we stock it in our warehouse. These are usually your least expensive option. Sometimes there will be a select group of covers available to you at a small price increase. These are covers that the manufacturer keeps in stock, so ship time is often shorter than that of a fully custom piece. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this group of fabrics, you enter the realm of a fully custom piece. Your consultant can guide you to what fabrics can be used on what piece; certain fabrics such as stripes, plaids or napped fabrics can only be used on certain frames. Each manufacturer has their own guidelines regarding this – your salesperson will be able to advise you.

england fabrics 006


Some fabrics are more costly than others, and this cost is not necessarily an indication of their durability or suitability for the furniture you are looking at.  A very inexpensive microfiber might wear extremely well, while a lighter weight fabric that doesn’t hold up as well could be very expensive. Your salesperson can help you keep your choice within a price range that is comfortable for you.  They will also be able to help you pull coordinating fabric for pillows or accent pieces.

Probably the hardest part of custom ordering is waiting for your new pieces to arrive. Your consultant will give you an approximation of how long it will take to manufacture your items. Our customer care department will call you and schedule your delivery date when your order actually arrives in our warehouse. Different manufacturers require different lead times – some ship as quickly as 3 weeks, others can take longer. Keep this in mind if you’re ordering furniture that you will need for a special event, so you can be sure it will arrive in time for your plans.

big england factory

Does it seem like a lot of work? It does take some time when you have so many decisions to make, but our furniture consultants know their way around a sofa, so to speak, and they can eliminate a lot of your doubts and fears about custom ordering new upholstery. And in the end, your beautiful new room will make you forget any of the doubts you might have had.


So come on in and give us a try… All you have to lose is your old drab room!

To match or not to match.

It’s been a standard in the furniture industry for many years to create a suite of pieces with matching styling, finish and hardware. It reduced the stress of the consumer who could be sure that their room, once done, would all “go” together. But the old ways are being challenged. Gaining steadily greater momentum in the interior design world is that of mixing a variety of styles and finishes of home decor within a single room. As in so many other areas, the internet changed the public’s attitude toward the boxed set look. All the interest in going green made re-used, recycled and one-of-a-kind pieces the new norm. Social media sites like Pinterest and Polyvore spread the look as users assembled their own collections of pieces and assimilated the looks pinned by others. People looking to freshen up their homes post recession – without breaking their budgets – saw the utility of occasional pieces that could be used in different ways throughout the house.

The furniture industry is notoriously slow to accept change, and the matched set has been its bread and butter for many years, but now manufacturers are beginning to embrace the change, and the accent piece business is booming.  The industry is also incorporating this change by  including different finishes and styles within one collection. This makes it easier for the timid customer to get an eclectic look with the assurance that the varied styles will all work together.

liber br_001
Liberty bedroom group offering pieces in 3 different finishes and styles.

If  you are ready to take the plunge into mix and match, the bedroom is perhaps the easiest place to start.  Headboards and footboards are increasingly luxurious and ornate, and they are more and more upstaging the case pieces in a room.

uph beds_001
Make a statement with a unique headboard.

Let an occasional piece stand in for the bedside table, use a decorative mirror instead of one that matches the dresser and POOF! You’ve got a much more collected and personal  look,  rather than something that looks like it all came out of one big box.

Try using something like this rather than a matching night stand in your bedroom.
Try using something like this rather than a matching night stand in your bedroom.

The same approach can be used in a living area. Instead of two matching lamps on two matching end tables, try mixing it up.  A good way to maintain scale when using mismatched pieces is to use a taller end table with a shorter lamp on one side of your sofa, and the reverse on the other.

diff lamps

Example of using unmatched lamps and tables in a living room
Examples of using unmatched lamps and tables in a living room. (Pinterest)

And by all means use a chair in a coordinating fabric  rather than the one that comes with the sofa group!

This chair complements the sofa style and fabric while still looking fresher than the matching piece to the sofa.
This chair complements the sofa style and fabric while creating a more up to date look.

If you’re unsure about creating a cohesive look with individual pieces, ask your furniture salesperson to assist you. They are trained to help you put together a look that works visually, while at the same time expressing your unique personality.

The best part of this eclectic decorating approach is that your home becomes a mirror of your personality, a place that feels like an extension of yourself. And you’ll never have to worry about visitors walking in your front door and saying “My sister’s living room looks just like this!”



High Point Furniture Market

There are two things you can count on every April in North Carolina: The beautiful blooming azaleas, and the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point.  Known simply as “Market” in the industry, the show at High Point is the largest furniture industry trade show in the world,  with 180 different buildings totaling over 10 million square feet.


This is where retail furniture buyers go every spring and every fall, to check out what’s new from their favorite manufacturers, and to scout out exciting new additions for their showroom floors.  It’s a time every buyer looks forward to and dreads at the same time. There’s always the possibility of finding a great new resource, but that comes at the expense of long days, sore feet, and overwhelmed minds.  It’s exciting, it’s mind boggling and it’s exhausting.  Like a giant mall with nothing to see but home furnishings, buyers from around the world try to squeeze more than 24 hours from each day; to see one more upholstery resource, one more accessories vendor, one more bedroom manufacturer.

Vendors unveil new introductions during the High Point shows, and collections sink or swim based on their reception by the buyers. The Market offers home furnishings in all styles and price points, so there is something to suit every taste and every budget.  Need a stuffed giraffe for that safari inspired display? Check.


How about a giant birdcage chair for your aviary? Check.


Maybe the biggest sectional ever? Check.

david sect

Or a custom dog bed to match your sofa? Yup. Got it.


And, just like in a mall, you will see every kind of shopper. There are high heeled, custom clothed interior designers.  There are rumpled, tennis shoe wearing owners of the mom and pop stores that are still so prevalent in the furniture industry.  There are young hipsters striding intently with their iPads and blue tooth ear pieces. There are older gentlemen who have been in the business longer than the hipsters have been alive, shuffling just as intently.  But for all their differences, they all have one thing in common:  They come to High Point twice a year to shop the biggest collection of home furnishings in the world.



Furniture has become very much a fashion industry in the last decade and a half, what with Pantone’s color of the year, and popular tones for metal and wood fininshes changing in the blink of an eye. The good news is, just like fashion styles, you don’t have to embrace every new trend that comes along.  The same way most women know what fashions look best on them, and change just a few accent pieces in their wardrobe to stay on trend, the same came be done in your home. No one really expects to see a person walk down the street in runway fashion designs, and most people don’t constantly update all their home furnishings as styles come and go.  Your home, like your outfits, should most of all reflect YOU, and not every new decorating style is going to work for you.

So suppose you really loooove this room, from the Designer Showhouse of New York, May 2014

Designer Showhouse of New York 2014

Great room, but probably too pricey for most of us.

But maybe you have a neutral color sofa already.

2400 tan sofaSuppose you switched the pillows out for something like  this:



or this:


You could add an inexpensive accent chair like this,  ($175, here at Smith Village)

orange SDG chairand already you have the feel of the room for a minimal expense.

You could mimic the brassy shine in the designer room  by spray painting some old accent pieces or lamps. (Krylon has some great metal finish spray paints.)  The key is to not be afraid to change what you have. Paint can always be repainted and pillows can be recovered.

If you want to keep going, add a rug like this,

white furry rug2

and you’re well on your way.

designer room

Designer Showhouse of New York 2014

From there you can take it as far as you want to go.

The same idea will work with most any room style… you add some new pillows, change some inexpensive accent pieces and paint, and you can give your room a whole new spin.

As long as the look expresses your unique style, it’ll be the best trend of all… at least until a new one comes along!



Made In The USA

If you came of age in the 80’s, like I did, you probably remember Bruce Springsteen’s iconic album, Born In The U.S.A., and irritated your parents by loudly singing along to cuts like “Dancing In The Dark,” “I’m On Fire”, “Glory Days,” “My Hometown,” and of course the title track.  Many of the songs referenced small town life and America’s manufacturing roots.  It seemed to be a simpler time then.

This was before the proliferation of the big box stores that sent stateside businesses scrambling for a way to compete with the volume pricing of the mega vendors.  It was inevitable that American manufacturers were going to have to cut costs to compete. Thus followed an outsourcing of labor that downsized the manufacturers, closed plants and left a swath of unemployment in its wake; much like a line from “My Hometown:”  “Foreman says ‘these jobs are going boys, and they ain’t coming back.'”

30 years later, we need to realize that imported products and outsourced labor come at the cost of American jobs. If we make an effort to buy American, more jobs will be required to supply that demand.  More jobs result in more spending by those newly employed. If they buy American, the upward spiral continues.  To keep the American economy strong we need the American manufacturer, the American product, and the American consumer.

Bruce Springsteen recognized that manufacturing was the backbone of America back in 1984.  It’s time for us to acknowledge our roots once again.  Buy American.

And then sing at the top of your lungs and embarrass  your kids: “I’m a cool rockin’ daddy in the U.S.A.”


Is 50% off the Best You Can Do?

Today we’re going to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Shopper.  They are interested in buying a new sofa, and have already decided on a style that they saw online, the SuperSofa.   In preparation, they have been reading all the newspaper inserts, and watching the TV commercials. They are especially interested in a 50% off sale advertised by their local Store A.

So Mr. & Mrs. Shopper go sofa shopping. Because they have 2 kids, Sally and Sammy, and a limited amount of time, they split up to go to 2 different stores.  Mr. Shopper takes Sally and goes to store A.  As he heads in the door, Sally, who is 2, has a temper tantrum, and he only has time to ask if they carry the SuperSofa.  They do, he learns, and by golly it’s on sale for 50% off!  He loads Sally back into her carseat where she falls asleep immediately, and he heads back home to tell the Mrs. the great news.

Mrs. Shopper, meanwhile, is at Store B with Sammy.  The salesperson tells them the store is offering 5% off the tagged prices.  As they start to sit down on the Super Sofa, which is tagged at $699, Sammy, who has just turned 3, has a typical toddler accident, so they too head back home.

That night after the kids finally go to sleep, they compare notes.  Mrs. Shopper says that Store B is having a five percent off sale, and the SuperSofa which was tagged at $699 will now only cost them $664.05.  Mr. Shopper snorts, and says that Store A has the same sofa, and it’s 50% off.  Since Grandma Shopper is coming to watch the kids tomorrow, they decide to go back to Store A together and save a lot of money by getting the SuperSofa at 50% off.

They get to Store A the next night, and tell the saleperson that they want to buy the SuperSofa.  He gladly writes them up, and tells them what a great deal they are getting at 50% off the reference price, and hands them a sales slip for $699.50. Whoa! Sticker shock!  This sofa is 50% off?  But it costs more than the same sofa at Store A, and that one was only discounted 5%!

shocked couple

What Mr. & Mrs. Shopper didn’t realize was that Store A was not  taking 50% off the regular selling price, they were taking it off a reference price,  described as a dollar value based on non sale prices of similar quality furniture available at major retailers.  And not knowing what that reference price was, there was no way to know whether 50% off was a good deal or not.  Thank goodness Mrs. Shopper had gone to Store B and found out the actual price of that sofa before they pulled out their plastic.

The moral of this story is this:  Stores advertise to get buyers into their stores.  But it’s up to the shopper to make sure that in the end the deal that sounds the best truly offers the best value.

Of course there’s a happy ending to this story.  Mr. & Mrs. Shopper went back to Store B, bought their SuperSofa, and they all lived happily ever after…  until Sally spilled strawberry soda all over their brand spanking new sofa.  But that, my friends, is another story entirely.